Silhouette S3D

3D Impact Media’s conversion technology has been implemented for the new Silhouette S3D node in Silhouette V5. The Silhouette S3D node combines the conversion technology from 3D Impact Media with the powerful toolset from Silhouette all integrated in way that adds 3D conversion features to the already existing stereoscopic workflow in Silhouette. Silhouette was the first roto and paint system to offer a full stereo workflow and has become more recently an important part of 2D to 3D conversion workflow.



3D Conversion

The S3D node facilitates 2D to 3D conversion in many ways:

  • Silhouette’s roto tools have become depth enabled in the S3D option. Every shape has a depth which can be keyframed.
  • New roto tools such as ramps, hallways, tunnels and more have been added.
  • The S3D node incorporates our 3D conversion technology which semi-automatically builds depth maps from both mono (non-stereo) as well as stereoscopic sources.
  • Existing stereoscopic content can be depth analyzed and re-rendered for different display sizes taking into account the 3D geometry of the target display.
  • Parallax and convergence can both be finely adjusted during post-production.
  • It can generate the required virtual camera-views using a specialized warper for auto-stereoscopic, multi-view and plain stereoscopic displays.

New in Version 5.1

The latest version 5.1 introduces many fixes, optimisations, and new features – especially with respect to the S3D node.

  • A Color+Depth Side by Side action was added to the Render group.
  • New Shape / Layer Blend Modes are now available for a more accurate conversion
  • The Feather tool now affects the depth channel.
  • A 3D Preview group is now available in the Node controls which contains Volume, Fix Point and Disparity warp parameters.
  • Quality, Iterations and Color Correct parameters are now available when the Node > Depth Mode is set to From Stereo Source.
  • Added a Shape > Depth > Blend Mode menu.
  • The depth range was changed from -1-1 to 0-1, where 0 is black and 1 white.
  • The Min and Max Disparity sliders range was changed from (-5, +10]) to (-10, +10).
  • The Depth Preview window is no longer affected by the main Viewer settings.
  • The transform controls are now available when viewing the depth channel.

For a detailed overview of all change we refer to the manual/help.

3D Tile Format

Silhouette S3D adds support for the Sisvel 3D Tile Format which enables delivery of HD 3D content with a higher quality than current solutions (Side by Side or Top and Bottom) and allows broadcasters to transmit a single service for 2D and 3D audiences. Consumers with 3D equipment can fully enjoy a 3D viewing experience while consumers with traditional 2D TV sets will appreciate the service in 2D.

Availability and Pricing

Silhouette S3D v5.1 is available at an additional cost of $3,995 (for a limited time – then $5,995). Get it via SilhouetteFX’s website. You will get a comprehensive tool-set for 3D post-production and conversion for glasses-based (stereoscopic) and glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) technologies.