RealityPlayer v1.7.2 for Win32 is now available for download (August 26, 2013)!

3D Impact Media’s RealityPlayer is the most-comprehensive playback software for 2D and 3D media for all display types, being 2D, glasses-based or glasses-free 3D. It features the elimination of transition zones for glasses-free 3D viewing and individual adjustment of 3D volume as well as the real-time rendering of the format 2D plus depth into multi-views.


The RealityPlayer is the 3D playback software that eliminates annoying transition zones with overlapping images. It also offers the ability to play back 2D and 3D content on any display be it 2D, stereo-3D or auto-stereoscopic/glasses-free 3D. The ability to use it as a network solution makes the RealityPlayer your universal digital signage tool – ready for the future, ready for 3D.

The RealityPlayer allows you to play back any 3D multiview format on auto-stereoscopic 3D displays. Practically any media container (.mpg, .avi, .mkv) and a wide range of codecs allow you to choose the optimal compression strategy for your 3D content. In particular, the following 3D multiview formats are supported by the player:

  • depth-map modes
  • multiview tile modes
  • multistream modes

It features unique playback controls to customize the 3D effect for playback. Moreover, the latest version provides an improved rendering quality for high-quality, high-resolution UHDTV (4k) displays.



3D Impact Media’s playback technology is available as a stand-alone version, as a commandline and a library version, enabling easy and fast integration into existing software like digital signage distribution systems or kiosk systems. It can also be used in consumer and industrial applications.


The stand-alone version of the 3D RealityPlayer for Windows (Vista/Win7/Win8) can be downloaded from the sidebar. Versions for Linux (x86, ARM), Mac OS X, and Android are available on special request.