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The RealityMapper transforms your 2D and stereoscopic content into (auto-)stereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D content. It supports a great variety of different (auto-)stereoscopic 3D formats and displays.



The RealityMapper integrates a node-based system which allows you to quickly correct and convert your 2D and stereoscopic content up to 4k. And apart from just converting to (auto-)stereoscopic formats, the RealityMapper features various correction tools for common errors in stereoscopic images that are caused by the misalignment of the camera‐pair during capturing, for example. The following nodes are currently available:

  • media cropping
  • color correction
  • geometry correction
  • disparity estimation based on stereo pairs
  • depth creation for 2D content
  • depth correction based on specific output targets
  • image enhancement operations
  • output rendering

For 2D material depth maps are created efficiently and with a minimum of interaction. For stereoscopic content, disparity maps are computed automatically. Based on these maps, multiple views can be tuned and rendered for a particular output target.

Moreover, in order to do the correction with high precision a 3D-preview‐window with full resolution can be activated, and to accelerate the time-consuming frame processing, a GPU accelerated execution mode can be enabled on current graphics hardware.

Target audience

The RealityMapper is aimed at semi-automatic conversion workflows to produce outstanding results with minimal efforts and time.


RealityMapper 1.0 will be available for Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7, or higher. It is currently in beta testing.