3D Impact Media’s RealityBox is a FPGA based real-time video converter board for glasses-free 3D displays. With the RealityBox any 2D as well as stereoscopic 3D video stream can be converted and shown on glasses-free 3D displays in real-time. This makes content widely available for glasses-free 3D displays and offers new options for glasses-free 3D applications. The RealityBox is now available to be built in to any real-time glasses-free 3D display application.


The hardware is designed to support full 1080p resolution up to 60 fps or 720P up to 120fps using HDMI interface. All HDMI 1.4 compliant formats are supported including separate left and right signals from stereoscopic cameras.

The video pipeline supports 2D/S-3D to S-3D/AS-3D conversion, real time rendering from 2D+Z videos and allows disparity analysis of S-3D input signals. The main building blocks are input/output scaler, disparity/motion estimator, temporal stability filter, image peaking, contrast, brightness adjustment and a programmable multi view generator. The RealityBox can be used for barrier and lenticular technology based glasses-free 3D displays including fractional view displays. The maximal amount of views that can be generated is 1024.


The RealityBox is programmed with a defined feature set and can be controlled by an OSD (on screen display). The level of 3D volume and the zero plane can be adjusted manually. 3D Impact Media’s proprietary dead zone elimination algorithm allows furthermore optimal image quality without losing 3D effect. In combination with an external head/eye tracking hardware the hardware supports also single user modes without dead zones.

3D Impact Media’s proprietary disparity estimation helps to reduce geometric distortion of incoming S-3D video streams automatically. Further it can be used for distance measurement of objects.


3D Impact Media’s conversion pipeline is designed as a cost attractive, but at high quality conversion pipeline. It has an onboard OSD that can be customized. The OSD includes ticker and image overlay options that can be added to the video stream.

The RealityBox allows applications in broadcast, entertainment, advertisement, industrial and due to its low latency it can also be used in medical applications and automotive.