Distec GmbH – Our partner for 3D Monitors in Europe

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In close co-operation with Distec GmbH we offer innovative 3D monitors for digital signage applications, which do not require wearing 3D glasses. The autostereoscopic 3D monitors are equipped with specially designed 3D barrier filters, which have to be extremely precise mounted  onto the TFT via an optical measuring system; this filter fades out several pixels which leads to your eyes recognizing different images, making your brain creating a 3D effect. We use 8-view technology, which causes smooth transfers from one view to the next, when the viewer is moving while watching the screen.

Our standard RealityPlayer plays standard 3D formats. Commonly used formats today are 8-tiled, 9-tiled and the latest format multistream. Our product is capable to play all these formats. For the conversion of 2D contents (e.g. mpeg2 or mpeg4) into 3D formats there are our tools RealityCreator and RealityMapper.

Your can use these monitors for Digital Signage application in different areas:

Shopping: malls, exhibitions, POS
Transportation: train stations, airports
Culture: cinemas, theaters, museums
Food: bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs
Sport: stadiums, gyms

The attraction power of 3D applications is four times higher compared to regular display. The content looks much more exiting, attractive and lively. Any location is possible, since no 3D glasses are required. And you get it from one source.

Different 3D monitors are available:

  • Brilan 3D IQ with integrated 3D-player. This module has all components integrated into the slim housing of our Brilan series.
  • 3D Video with VGA/DVI and partially HDMI input. An external high-performance PC or notebook is needed as player. Available as Inline open frame version or as Smart or Brilan monitor.

For more information please contact: sales@3dimpactmedia.com.

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